Top 50 HR Interview Questions and Answers for 2023

HR Interview Questions

1. How are you today?

The answer to this question basically sets the environment for your interview. Make sure you make it positive for yourself with a pleasant smile on your face. In case you’ve had any inconveniences during the day, you could mention it only if you can bring out a positive note out of it, or else don’t mention it.

You can answer it as follows:

  1. Great, thank you  or
  2. Great, thank you. Though it has been a long day, I found everything to be exciting and well organized.

2. Tell me about yourself?

This question is the most common HR interview question. Focus on answering it with confidence and positivity because the interviewer does not know you and would judge you according to what you declare about yourself.  The order in which you need to answer this question will be as follows:

  • My name is X, born and brought up in Y, completed my graduation from XYZ university
  • My parents are so and so and I’m the elder/ younger among X siblings (Try to include your strengths here. For instance, if you are the elder one, you can talk about your qualities such as management, leadership, decision making, etc. In case you the younger one, you can mention about the wisdom you have gained from your elder siblings and how you delegate responsibilities given to you)
  • (Relate your strengths to your achievements) Because of this, I have achieved X in fields such as Y, Z, etc.

NOTE: Never talk negatively about yourself and don’t drag it too much. Make sure you don’t sound overconfident or arrogant as well.


My name is Adam, born and brought at Bangalore. I have done my schooling from XYZ school and completed my graduation from XYZ University. My father is working as X and my mom is a homemaker(or working as Y). Being the elder of 3 siblings, I have learnt how to set an example and lead my younger counterparts whenever needed. This has also been a reason for inciting leadership and confidence in me thereby favoring my achievements in domains such as debate, projects, etc.

3.  What are your key strengths?

This is a very important hr interview question for every fresher. Every interviewer wants to hear qualities from you that suit the role you are being hired for. Make sure you emphasize all your qualities and skills that give you an edge over the others to being hired for that particular role. Remember not to mention anything that you don’t actually possess as it will become disastrous in case you are unable to prove your claim. It better not to actually list out your qualities, but put it more in a connected manner which will also justify your claims with reasons.


One of the qualities that describe me is my positive attitude. It actually helps me to keep myself motivated even in the most challenging situations. I also get along quite well with people and pick up new ideas quickly leading to hassle-free teamwork. In our project team, I had tasks of XYZ which I was able to complete quite well due to proficiency in XYZ(skill).

If you can notice, in the above few lines, I have merged qualities such as positivity, self-motivation, quick learner, social and a team player in just a few lines. I have given a general example, but the answer to this question also should include your strengths based on the job role you are being hired for. For instance, if it is a technical role, mention your technical skills and the achievements that you have gained because of that particular skill.

4.  What are your weaknesses?

This question is basically to cross-verify you. It would actually be suicidal in case you counter-claim your strengths here, or, declare any weakness that is a vital part of the role you are being hired for. However, you cannot stay quiet or declare that you have no weaknesses. The best route you can take is to put forth a weakness not related to the job as well as give information as to what you are doing to come over it.


I tend to eat a lot of sweet even though I know it is not very good for health.

5.  What are your greatest achievements?

The interviewer basically wants to know what you are capable of. Start by mentioning the achievements that are the most recent and closest to the job role applied for.


I have achieved quite a few goals until now. To begin with, I participated in the national level X competition and was among the last Y participants. The project that I was a member of was selected among the best in our college. Not just this, I have been an active participant in many other competitions such as XYZ, and have won many awards in the same.

6.  What is your biggest failure?

Do not contradict any of your previous claims while answering this question. Try to answer it in a manner that would show your determination not to fail and also mention the area of improvement.


I love doing X job and always wanted to secure the first place in Y competition held once in 4 years for X. Unfortunately, I could not make it through to the finals. However, I have been practicing and trying to improve myself and would not leave any stone unturned to win in the upcoming season.

7.  What are your hobbies?

Arrange your hobbies in a manner that gives first priority to the hobby that is closest to the job being applied for.


I love exploring and writing about the latest technology and have published quite a few articles. You can access my work from XYZ link. Other than that, I also love playing XYZ.

8. Are you good at time-management?

Try to put in some example that is proof to the answer to this question.


I’m actually a very proactive person and make sure to complete my tasks in the stipulated time. I tend to list out my tasks in accordance with priority and complete them accordingly. The XYZ competition I had participated in actually coincided with our semester exams. I had planned out my work in such a way that I could complete both my tasks. I emerged as the topper in my semester exams as well and finished among final X members in the Y competition.

9. Do you think you are an organized person?


I consider myself quite an organized person because I always make a list of tasks I have to accomplish. I tend to complete each of them in accordance with priority and make sure nothing is amiss in my todo list.

10. Are you aiming for further studies?

This question is asked to cross-check your commitment to the company and the job. Do not get carried away and answer it saying yes you want to. You need to give confidence to the interviewer that you will not leave the company for any further plans.


Having a PG is great but for me, I consider having industry exposure for better involvement in the X domain. The industry definitely provides better opportunities to grow and I look forward to the same.

11. What is your greatest fear?

This is another question that puts a check on your confidence and is a part of a stress interview. It is very important to give a diplomatic answer confidently. Do not give any reason for the interviewer to doubt your capabilities.


I always have the aim of completing my tasks on time. In areas that are new to me, I tend to get anxious and bother a little too much about completing it. This usually makes me work in my free time as well. Being a fast learner, I know that I can come over this anxiety as I gain experience.

12. What are your co-workers’ reviews about you?


I have been an active member of my team. My co-workers would never hesitate to delegate responsibilities to me in their absence. Even my juniors never hesitated to take help from me as I would never deny helping them. Therefore, I’m sure my colleagues would give a positive response when asked about me.

13. What is the difference between a team and a group?

A group basically comprises of members of various skills and interests. A team is more of people having similar skills and a common objective that they are focussed at achieving.

14. What is your ideal organization?

Do not name any organization that is a competitor to the company where you are attending the interview. It is better not to mention the name of any organization. Your answer should be more with regard to the job you are looking for.


I think the best workplace or organization is one that provides equal opportunity for everyone to present and prove themselves and assigns roles and responsibilities as described that would justify the qualifications of the employee.

15. What is the most difficult task you have ever achieved?


Last month we had an industrial visit from our college. They had arranged a surprise competition for us wherein we had to debug a piece of code. I participated in it and was among the very few members to have made it through. I was also awarded a certificate for the same.

16. What is the difference between hard work and smart work?

Hard work basically involves a lot of efforts to attain some goal. Smart work, on the other hand, would take less effort to achieve the same task. But, both of these go hand in hand as many areas which are new definitely require hard work and areas which are tried and tested can be handled smartly.

17. What is it that makes you angry?

Please make a note not to raise your tone when you confront such a question. Keep calm and answer genuinely.


I usually tend to get angry when somebody tries to accuse me of something I have not done. But I try to keep myself calm and speak only if needed.

18. What makes you happy?


The biggest satisfaction comes from hard work. Though you have to face many failures, when you see the desired results and you know that you have done it without any help, it gives you the happiness that cannot be replaced by anything else.

19. What are your future goals?


My first aim is to join an organization like yours and improve my skills and knowledge thereby serving as a key asset in return. On a progressive note, I would like to become the XYZ in this domain and make sure that I keep this company at the topmost in this sector.

20. If you win a huge lottery, would you still work for the company?


Winning a huge lottery definitely makes one happy. But for me, it does not give satisfaction. It does not justify my qualification to stay back and while away my time just because I have won some amount of money. For me, the satisfaction that comes by achieving goals can never be attained by any lottery.

20. How long will you work for us?


I’m not someone who frequently jumps options. Therefore, I look forward to serving this company for a long period. However, it has been my dream organization and the job as well offers all that I was looking for.

HR Interview Questions

21. Do you have a spouse/ family member/ friend who works for us?

Be very careful while answering this question. You can keep the following points in mind while answering this question:

  • The organization where you are attending the interview (startup / MNC)
  • The source of your interview (Either referral or not)
  • The position where your known person acquires


When you are attending an interview at an MNC make sure to play very safe. The first thing is if you are referred, you will have to mention the name of the person who you know but in case you have come through some other source, it is better not to give the names of any employee. However, if you know someone who has a great impact on the company and has been there for quite a long period, you could still give their reference.

On the other hand, when you are attending an interview at a startup, you can mention it. This is because startup companies tend to look for candidates from employee referral as it requires lesser investments. Also, they would be sure that the new candidate will have someone to guide them.

Most Common Job-Related HR Interview Questions:

22. Why should we hire you?

A very common HR Interview question that relates to the job you are applying for. It can be answered by focussing on your skills and experience.


I consider myself suitable for this job because I have been capable of doing X job in the Y domain and have also emerged among the winners. I also possess XYZ skills that are required for this job. Not just that, I’m a person who always keeps myself updated with the latest in this domain and try to achieve new milestones.

23. What motivates you for this job?


I have always had a passion in the X domain. I have also tried participating in events that involve X. Even though my family wanted me to do Y, I chose this and I know I will do well with this in my future. Besides, even the market for this is at its peak in this era thereby increasing my personal interest.

24. What do you know about this company?

This is one of the most likely questions any candidate faces. So make sure you read about the company where you are attending the interview.


XYZ is one of the world’s best companies when it comes to technology. The products of this company are considered as the best worldwide. I have also been following this company on social media and was delighted to know that this company has now emerged as one of the best workplaces due to its employee satisfaction.

25. Why should you be hired for this internship?


It is my personal interest to make my future in this domain. For the same reason, I have chosen my project also in this area. I know that I will definitely do well in this because I have been successful in doing it previously as well.

26. Can I trust you in completing your duties to the company?

Make sure you win the interviewers confidence while answering this question. Relate it with some example from your achievements.


Yes, surely. At college, I have been the captain for the X team. I was given the responsibility to manage as well as guide my teammates which I was able to do without much hassle.

27. Can you handle work pressure?


Working in pressure actually brings out the best in me. There is a determination that makes me do things in the best manner. During my graduation days, I could not go to college for a month due to a curfew in the city. I did not have access to any resources by which I could make progress in my project. When I went back to college, I had to complete my project as well as write my semester exams. I realized that I had actually fared better in my exams as well as completed my project before time.

28. Are you willing to relocate?


I would definitely do it if given an appropriate opportunity.

29. Why have you jumped so frequently from your past companies?

Give a genuine answer and do not mention any issue that is necessary for the current job that you have applied for.


The jobs that I have been working for previously did not really offer much to learn in the X area and that does not actually justify my qualification. I was looking for something like this job because this is my passion and would definitely be in accordance with my qualification.

30. If your previous employer is contacted, what do you think will their response with regards to you?


I have always won my managers confidence as I was able to complete all the tasks delegated to me in the stipulated time. Even in situations where I could not go to the office, my manager had the confidence in me that I would complete my tasks without extending the timeline. Therefore, I’m sure you will get a positive response from their side if questioned about me.

31. Do you have serious medical issues?

This question is again a part of a stress interview. Make sure you do not utter anything that would make the interview think you will be irregular to work. Do not mention illness such as common flu, or fever.


I do not have any serious medical issues that would impact my job. (In case of no disability)


I actually suffer from X but that has never impacted my career till date as proven by the details that I have shared with you. In fact, my previous employers never even knew about this.

32. Did you ever have issues with your previous employer or professors?

This question is to check whether you are a person who has a problem taking orders or getting along with work. Do not mention any work-related issues or in delegating your responsibilities. In case you have had any issues previously, put it forth in a justified manner.


Recently, I had a small disagreement with my employer over my attendance. I’m actually a person who is very particular about being regular to work. But lately, my manager was out of town for some reason and my attendance was not being recorded by the login logout software. I was not aware of that. My manager contacted me asking me to explain why I have been irregular in his absence. It was shocking and got me on my nerves as I have been working sincerely. Later, I spoke to the admin team about this and they informed my manager that there was a little maintenance issue with the software which solved the issue for me.

33. What have you done to improve yourself?


I always try to keep myself with ongoing technologies. I love reading about the latest milestones and try to figure out how I can implement it in my work. The recent discovery in the X domain has caught a lot of my interest and I’ve also started experimenting with it.

34. Are you a team player?


Yes. I consider myself a team player because I have been able to work within teams having different objectives. I have never had the problem to listen to ideas from my fellow mates as it gave me an opportunity to learn. I have never feared speaking out and sharing my ideas as well.

35. How do you feel about firing an employee?

This is a very tricky HR interview question. You might have never done it or would never like to do it as well. But make sure you put it right reasoning out why you would do so.


Firing is quite obviously the last option that I would consider. But if there is no way out, I will do it only in accordance with the organization’s rules. But frankly, I would feel horrible to do it.

36. Are you open for rotational shifts?


I am a person who can stay up late at night and therefore would not have any issues if I have to work in shifts.

37. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself on grounds of your skills required for this position?

This a kind of question to test your confidence level. Do not fear from giving a rating that actually justifies your qualities.


On a scale of 1-10, I would give myself an 8 for my technical skills as I am capable of doing XYZ quite well. However, I will definitely work on harder in areas of my inexperience and try to improve myself.

38. What do you think of taking risks?


I chose to take risks on the basis of wisdom. Experimenting definitely is great to learn and bring in new ideas but at the same time, it requires a lot of care. When we were doing our project, there was once a situation where we to integrate a completely new module for making it a great success. We all were new and inexperienced and had to experiment with it. However, we had quite a lot of time and had also kept a backup plan. Therefore we tried quite a few times and finally achieved it. In case we had no time, we would definitely choose to pick something that was much familiar to us.

39. Are you looking for other jobs?


I have been looking for something that is offered by your company as that is my exact area of interest and qualification. I would not have any reason to look out for other jobs if I were to be selected for this one.

40. Are you currently holding any offers?

Be very careful while answering this question. For a fresher, it would be suicidal to reveal that he/ she is already holding an offer from some other company.

41. What are your salary expectations?


As a fresher, I expect a range that is in accordance with the industry standards giving due consideration to my qualification and experience.

42. Why do you want to work for us?


I always wanted to be a part of an organization like yours. I personally feel the products of this company are best in class and would love to be a part of it. I have also been reading lately that this company is one of the best workplaces for its workforce.

43. Five years down the line, where do you see yourself?


I’m sure that five years down the line, I would grow my knowledge and skills and see myself at a senior position in this organization serving better.

44. Why are you leaving your current/ last job?


I was serving at a position that does not justify my qualification and skills. I do not want to make my future in X but I always wanted a job like this one. It is not just my personal interest but the market trend as well for this is immense.

45. Will you leave this job in case you get some other one?


I have been looking for this kind of job and this organization is one of the most prestigious organizations in the world. The package offered also will the best in class without any doubt. Therefore, I would have no reason to leave this job.

46. Why should I hire you over the other candidates?


I consider myself to stand out among the others in my job related as well as interpersonal skills. Also, I give a cent percent commitment to my work and make sure I complete my tasks within the stipulated time.

47. If need be, are you ready to work overtime?


I know that there are situations where I would be required to work overtime and I do not feel it is wrong. I would surely be there whenever the organization requires me to.

48. What will you do if you are not selected?

This question is part of a stress interview. Make sure you stay calm and answer confidently.


In accordance with my skills and qualification, I have a feeling I will be selected. But in case the results turn the other way round, I will try to figure out the loopholes and leave no stone unturned to get through my upcoming interviews.

49. How do you feel if you are criticized by your seniors over your work?

A usual question in a stress interview. The interviewer basically wants to check how you can handle the pressure. Such situations can arise during so reply with a positive note.


I believe that criticism by a senior over my work will be constructive. It will help me correct myself. Therefore, I do not feel there is any issue being criticized by my senior for my work.

50. Do you have any questions for us?

This is usually the last of HR interview questions you are likely to encounter. Feel free to ask anything you want to know about the proceedings, the job role in detail, etc but make sure you do not ask any silly questions. It would destroy all the hard work you have done to reach till there. In case you have no questions, just politely say ‘Thanks for giving me this opportunity. But I do not have any questions’. In case you have questions, you can put forth as follows:


Thanks for giving me this opportunity. I have a couple of questions for you. Firstly, I would be eager to know the job role in detail and second, if you could let me know what are the areas that I will have to work on to serve this position better?

This brings us to an end of this article on ‘HR Interview Questions’. I hope you have understood everything clearly and wish you very GOOD LUCK for your upcoming interviews.

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