Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Masters Program

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    All Levels
    Duration 180 hours
    85 lectures

    About This Course

    Master the skills needed to excel in the field of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics with our comprehensive training program. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the latest tools and techniques used in the industry, and learn how to use them to extract valuable insights from data.

    In this program, you will:

    • Learn the fundamentals of Business Intelligence, Microsoft’s powerful business analytics service, and how to create stunning reports and visualizations
    • Discover how to build relationships between data sources and group data for better insights
    • Learn how to perform advanced data analytics using SQL, Excel and Python
    • Learn python language and all the packages used for advanced Data analytics
    • Become an expert in Microsoft’s Power BI tools
    • Also, master the Tableau for powerful visualizations
    • Master advanced  Business Intelligence techniques, such as using bookmarks, integrating with Azure, and data modeling
    • Customize your visualizations in  Business Intelligence  to suit your needs and the needs of your audien .
    •  learn about the different Object Storage Services offered by AWS, identify when to use a specific service, how to store/transfer data using these services and optimize the storage cost.

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      • Learn advanced data transformation techniques with Power Query, and how to optimize data models for better performance
      • Master DAX formulas and functions for data analysis in Business Intelligence , including advanced DAX techniques and data modeling with DAX
      • Learn how to build real-time projects and gain hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used in the industry
      By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the tools and techniques used in Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, and be well-prepared to pursue a career in this exciting field.
      Business Intelligence Course Syllabus
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        Data Analytics ,Math and Stats Foundations


        Learning objective: Develop a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence concepts and methodologies, with a focus on Power BI ,Excel , Tableau as a powerful data visualization and analysis tool. Gain hands-on experience in leveraging Power BI or Tableau to transform raw data into meaningful insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving business performance.

        Course Content

        Introduction to Course

        Introduction to Business Intelligence

        Introduction to Data Analysis

        • Data Manipulation and Analysis
        • Data Visualization
        • Statistical Analysis
        • Machine Learning Fundamentals
        • Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques
        • Advanced Analytics and Big Data
        • Data Governance and Ethics

        Excel for Data Analysis


        Learning objective: Acquire proficiency in utilizing Excel’s powerful tools and functions for data manipulation, visualization, and interpretation. Through hands-on practice, learners will gain the ability to analyze data, discover patterns, make informed decisions, and present insights effectively using Excel.

        Course Content
        Introduction to Data Analysis and Excel:
        • Overview of data analysis and its importance in business intelligence.
        • Introduction to Microsoft Excel and its features for data analysis.
        • Understanding data formats, data types, and basic Excel functions.
        Data Import and Cleaning:
        • Importing data from different sources into Excel.
        • Cleaning and transforming data for analysis.
        • Dealing with missing values, duplicates, and outliers.
        Data Manipulation and Formulas:
        • Using formulas and functions in Excel for data manipulation.
        • Sorting, filtering, and conditional formatting of data.
        • Working with logical functions, text functions, and date functions.
        Data Visualization:
        • Creating charts and graphs to visually represent data.
        • Customizing and formatting charts to enhance their effectiveness.
        • Using PivotTables and Pivot Charts for dynamic data analysis.
        • Advanced Data Analysis Techniques:
        • Performing statistical analysis using Excel.
        • Regression analysis and forecasting.
        • What-if analysis and scenario planning.
        Data Integration and External Data Sources:
        • Combining data from multiple sources into Excel.
        • Working with external databases and SQL queries.
        • Connecting Excel to external data sources like CRM systems or web APIs.
        Excel Add-Ins and Power Tools:
        • Introduction to Excel add-ins for data analysis.
        • Using Power Query for data transformation and cleansing.
        • Utilizing Power Pivot for advanced data modeling and analysis.
        Data Presentation and Reporting:
        • Creating interactive dashboards and reports in Excel.
        • Using slicers, filters, and dynamic charts to build interactive interfaces.
        • Sharing and distributing data analysis results.
        Automation and Macros:
        • Introduction to Excel macros and VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).
        • Automating repetitive tasks and data processing.
        • Building custom functions and user interfaces.
        Case Studies and Real-world Applications:
        • Applying data analysis concepts to real-world business scenarios.
        • Analyzing sales data, customer behavior, and financial data.
        • Solving business problems using Excel and data analysis techniques.

        SQL for Data Analysis


        Learning objective: Acquire a solid foundation in Microsoft SQL Server and database management, including data modeling, querying, and administration. Develop practical skills in designing and implementing efficient databases, optimizing query performance, and ensuring data integrity and security within a Microsoft SQL Server environment.
        Course Content

        Level 1: Introduction to SQL

        • Introduction to Databases and SQL
        • Basic SQL Queries
        • Data Manipulation with SQL

        Level 2: Advanced SQL Queries

        • Working with Multiple Tables
        • Aggregating Data
        • Working with Data Types and Functions

        Level 3: Database Design and Optimization

        • Creating and Modifying Database Structure
        • Data Integrity and Constraints
        • Advanced Query Optimization

        Level 4: SQL for Data Analysis

        • Window Functions
        • Common Table Expressions (CTEs)
        • Advanced Data Analysis Techniques

        Level 5: SQL for Administration and Security

        • User Management and Security
        • Backup and Recovery
        • Performance Monitoring and Tuning

        Level 6: Advanced Topics

        • Transactions and Concurrency Control
        • Stored Procedures and Functions

        Advanced Data Analysis with Python


        Learning objective: Comprehensive introduction to Python programming, catering to beginners. It covers core concepts like data types, variables, and control structures, enabling learners to write basic Python scripts. The course aims to build a strong foundation for further exploration and application of Python in various domain.

        Course Content

        Python Essentials

        • Introduction to Python and IDEs
        • Python Basics
        • Object Oriented Programming
        • Hands-on Sessions And Assignments for Practice

        Advanced Data analysis with Python

        • Data Manipulation and Analysis with Pandas
        • Data Visualization with Matplotlib and Seaborn
        • Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
        • Data Transformation and Feature Engineering
        • Statistical Analysis and Hypothesis Testing
        • Machine Learning for Business Intelligence
        • Time Series Analysis
        • SQL Integration and Database Connectivity
        • Business Intelligence Dashboards and Reporting
        • Data Integration and API Integration


        Power BI Certification Program


        Learning objective: The learning objectives for the Microsoft Power course are to equip participants with the skills to create powerful data analyses, build interactive reports and dashboards, automate tasks with Power Automate, and model data with Power BI. Participants will gain proficiency in leveraging Microsoft Power to enhance data-driven decision-making and productivity.

        Course Content
        Introduction to Power BI:
        • What is Power BI?
        • Key features and benefits
        • Power BI ecosystem and components
        • Getting started with Power BI Desktop
        • Installation of Power BI for Desktop
        • Understanding the Power BI interface
        • Three views of Power BI
        • Four Main Pillars of Power Bi ( In Detailed )
        • Arctecture of Power BI
        • The components of Power BI
        Connecting to Data Sources:
        • Importing data from Excel, CSV, databases and All other data sources
        • Connecting to cloud services (e.g., Azure, SharePoint)
        • Understanding DirectQuery and Live Connection options
        Data Transformation and Modeling:
        • Data Transformation Techniques ( All Functionalities )
        • Two Types Of Tables in Power BI ( Dimensions & fact )
        • Transforming and cleaning data using Power Query Editor
        • Data modeling concepts (tables, relationships, measures)
        • Data modeling and shaping using Power Query Editor
        • Creating calculated columns and measures
        • First Approch of date Table creation
        • Types of Data Model
        • Introduction to DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) language
        Data Visualizations and Interactions: ( Basic to Advanced )
        • Creating visualizations  
        • Formatting and customizing visuals ( all functionalities & dynamic interactions )
        • Adding interactive features (filters, slicers, drill-through)
        • Creating calculated tables and hierarchies 
        • Conditional formatting using tables & other KPI’s
        • Grouping DAX Measures and Data Tables
        • Phase Level Filters , Visual Level Filters , Report Level Filters , Tool Tips
        • Tree Maps , Water fall vision , funnels and Ribbon chart
        • Visual Tool Tips , Bookmarks , page Navigation ,
        • Synch slicers ,Show/Hide Options 
        Advanced Data Analysis:
        • Implementing advanced DAX functions
        • Working with time intelligence functions
        • Aggregators, iterators, Time Intelligence & Other important functions
        • Important AI visuals ( Cortana, Decomposition tree & Key influencers)
        • Embedding R and Python scripts in a Power BI report 
        • How to connect Power BI with a SQL server & other databases ( data sources)
        • Understanding the importance of updated Key plugins in Visual pane of Power BI
        • Implementing calculations for ranking, forecasting, and segmentation
        Advanced Visualizations:
        • Custom visuals and marketplace options(How to create a Power BI dashboard)
        • Using bookmarks and report navigation techniques
        • Enhancing visualizations with themes and conditional formatting
        • Power BI mobile app and responsive design considerations
        Power BI Service and Collaboration:
        • Publishing reports to Power BI service
        • How to generate quick insights , user metrics report
        • How to share a Power BI report with others (top level management & end users)
        • How to pin a visual
        • How to embed a Power BI report / dashboard
        • Sharing reports and dashboards with others
        • Collaborating with colleagues (workspaces, sharing settings)
        • Creating and configuring data gateways
        Power BI Administration and Security:
        • Power BI security architecture and best practices
        • Row-level security (RLS) implementation
        • Managing workspaces, apps, and datasets
        • Administering Power BI tenant settings
        Data Refresh and Scheduled Refresh:
        • Configuring data refresh options
        • Troubleshooting refresh issues
        • Working with large datasets and optimizing performance
        • Power BI report performance optimization
        Advanced Topics and Integrations:
        • Power BI and Excel integration
        • Power BI Embedded for application developers
        • Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) integration
        • Power BI REST API and PowerShell automation

        Tableau Certification Program


        Learning objective: Learn Tableau with an objective-driven course! Master data visualization, dashboard creation, and interactive analytics. Acquire skills in data connection, blending, and presentation. Explore real-world projects and gain hands-on experience. Unlock insights and become proficient in Tableau’s powerful tools for data analysis and business intelligence.

        Course Content

        Introduction to Tableau

        • Overview of Tableau and its role in data visualization.
        • Understanding the Tableau interface and workflow.
        • Connecting to data sources and importing data into Tableau.

        Data Exploration and Visualization

        • Exploring data using Tableau’s data pane and visualizations.
        • Creating basic charts and graphs such as bar charts, line charts, and scatter plots.
        • Applying filters and sorting data in Tableau.

        Advanced Visualization Techniques

        • Creating interactive dashboards and storyboards.
        • Implementing advanced chart types like heat maps, tree maps, and dual-axis charts.
        • Using parameters and actions to enhance interactivity.

        Data Preparation and Transformation

        • Cleaning and transforming data in Tableau.
        • Working with calculated fields and table calculations.
        • Joining and blending data from multiple sources.

        Advanced Analytics in Tableau

        • Applying statistical analysis techniques in Tableau.
        • Creating forecasts and trend lines.
        • Using clustering and advanced analytics features.

        Geographic Mapping and Spatial Analysis

        • Visualizing data on maps using Tableau’s mapping capabilities.
        • Working with geographic data and geocoding.
        • Performing spatial analysis and creating custom territories.

        Data Storytelling and Presentation

        • Building compelling data stories using Tableau.
        • Designing effective visual narratives and annotations.
        • Presenting data insights and findings to stakeholders.

        Advanced Tableau Features and Integration

        • Utilizing advanced features like sets, groups, and hierarchies.
        • Implementing calculations with level of detail (LOD) expressions.
        • Integrating Tableau with other tools and platforms.

        Tableau Server and Collaboration

        • Publishing and sharing dashboards on Tableau Server.
        • Configuring permissions and access controls.
        • Collaborating with team members using Tableau’s collaboration features.

        Case Studies and Real-world Applications

        • Applying Tableau to real-world business scenarios and datasets.
        • Analyzing sales data, marketing campaigns, and customer behavior.
        • Solving business problems using Tableau’s visual analytics capabilities.


        AWS Cloud services for Data Analysis


        Learning objective: Learn Tableau with an objective-driven course! Master data visualization, dashboard creation, and interactive analytics. Acquire skills in data connection, blending, and presentation. Explore real-world projects and gain hands-on experience. Unlock insights and become proficient in Tableau’s powerful tools for data analysis and business intelligence.

        Course Content
        • Introduction to AWS Cloud Computing
        • AWS Fundamentals for Data Analysis
        • Data Storage and Data Movement
        • Data Ingestion
        • Data Warehousing
        • Data Processing
        • Serverless Data Processing
        • Data Analysis and Visualization
        • Advanced Analytics
        • Real-time Analytics
        • Monitoring and Performance Optimization
        • Data Governance and Security
        • Big Data and AI Solutions
        • Building End-to-End Data Solutions

        Group Project


        Learning objective: In this group project, students will collaboratively analyze diverse datasets and apply advanced business intelligence techniques. The objective is to extract valuable insights, generate data-driven recommendations, and design comprehensive visualizations for informed decision-making. Through teamwork, they will enhance their data analysis and BI skills while tackling real-world challenges.

        Tools Covered

        Job market overview
        image 5 1

        Ready to become a BI Developer? With an average salary of $91,153 per year, this role is financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating. As a BI Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing data models, building reports and dashboards to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

        Now, What are you waiting for? Our training program is designed to help you master the skills needed to become a successful BI Developer. Enroll in our training program today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in Business Intelligence. Start your success story with us!

        What you will learn

        The objective of a Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Masters Program is to equip learners with the necessary skills to gather, analyze, and interpret complex data, and communicate insights to stakeholders effectively. Upon completion of the program, learners will have a strong foundation in data analysis, data visualization, and reporting, and be proficient in using various business intelligence tools and technologies. Specifically, learners can expect to learn:

        Overall, learners will gain expertise in the use of business intelligence and advanced analytics tools and technologies, and be able to leverage data to make informed business decisions.

        Course Format
        • Live classes
        • Hands-on trainings
        • Mini-projects for every module
        • Recorded sessions (available for revising)
        • Collaborative projects with team mates in real-world projects
        • Demonstrations
        • Interactive activities: including labs, quizzes, scenario walk-throughs
        What this course includes
        • 180+hrs of live classes
        • Collaborative projects
        • Slide decks, Code snippets
        • Resume preparation from the 2nd week of course commencement
        • 1:1 career/interview preparation
        • Soft skill training
        • On-call project support for up to 3 months
        • Certificate of completion
        • Unlimited free access to our exam engines

        Our students work at

        • Basic programming knowledge in SQL, Python.
        • Working knowledge with Excel
        • Basics of statistics/mathematics

        Why Take Course With Us

        • Project-Ready, Not Just Job-Ready!

        By the time you complete our program, you will be ready to hit the ground running and execute projects with confidence.

        • Authentic Data For Genuine Hands-On Experience

        Our curated datasets sourced from various industries, enable you to develop skills in realistic contexts, tackling challenges in your professional journey.

        • Personalized Career Preparation

        We prepare your entire career, not just your resume. Our personalized guidance helps you excel in interviews and acquire essential expertise for your desired role.

        • Multiple Experts For Each Course

        Multiple experts teach various modules to provide you diverse understanding of the subject matter, and to benefit you with the insights and industrial experiences.

        • On-Call Project Assistance After Landing Your Dream Job

        Get up to 3 months of on-call project assistance from our experts to help you excel in your new role and tackle challenges with confidence.

        • A Vibrant and Active Community

        Get connected with a thriving community of professionals who connect and collaborate through channels like Discord. We regularly host online meet-ups and activities to foster knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.


        What is Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics?

        Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, applications, and practices used to collect, integrate, analyze, and present business information. Advanced Analytics refers to the use of statistical, mathematical, and machine learning techniques to extract insights from data. This program covers both BI and Advanced Analytics topics.

        What are the prerequisites for this program?

        You should have basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and programming. Experience in using Microsoft Excel, SQL, and data visualization tools like Power BI/Tableau is highly desired.

        What kind of jobs can I get after completing this program?

        This program prepares you for a variety of roles in the fields of business intelligence, data analysis, and data science. Some of the job titles that you can pursue after completing this program include Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Engineer, and more.

        What are the benefits of learning Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics?

        Learning Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics can help you gain insights from data and make data-driven decisions that can improve business outcomes. This skillset is in high demand in today’s job market, and learning it can open up new career opportunities for you.

        How is this program delivered?

        This program is delivered entirely online, through a combination of live-sessions, quizzes, assignments, and projects.

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        Data Analytics Business Intelligence Masters Program

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              Learning Objectives

              Advanced data modeling and querying techniques in tools like Power BI and Excel
              Analyzing and interpreting data to extract valuable insights and make data-driven decisions
              Creating effective reports and dashboards for different audiences
              Collaborating and sharing insights with stakeholders using business intelligence tools
              Applying structured approaches to requirement gathering and project management
              Understanding the fundamentals of functional system analysis
              Troubleshooting project issues and finding solutions to problems

              Target Audience

              • Computer Science or IT Students or other graduates with passion to get into IT
              • Data Warehouse, Database, SQL, ETL developers who want to transition to Data Engineering roles
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                Managing Microsoft SQL Server and Databases

                Introduction to SQL Server and configuration
                Mastering SQL Fundamentals
                Building Business Intelligence and Data Science Solutions

                Building Dynamic Reports with Power BI

                Designing Effective Reports: Foundations and Best Practices

                Creating Visual Relationships and Grouping Data in Power BI

                Organizing and Selecting Data for Power BI Reports

                Advanced Power BI Techniques: Bookmarks, Azure Integration, and Data Modeling

                Customizing Visualizations for Professional Reports in Power BI

                Transforming and Cleaning Data with Power Query in Power BI

                Advanced Data Transformation with Power Query in Power BI

                Optimizing Data Models with Advanced Power Query Techniques in Power BI

                DAX Functions for Data Analysis

                DAX Formulas and Techniques for Power BI Data Analysis

                Advanced DAX Functions for Advanced Data Modeling in Power BI

                Creating Reports and Enhancing Dashboard in Power BI Cloud

                Collaborating and Sharing Data in Power BI Cloud

                Integrating Excel Data and Managing Row-Level Security (RLS) in Power BI

                Power BI Report Server and RDL Report Development

                Building Customized Business Solutions with Power BI and PowerApps

                Power BI Cloud and Mobile Reporting: Accessing and Sharing Reports Anywhere

                Integrating Power BI with Excel for Advanced Data Analysis

                Real-Time Project: Applying Power BI and Advanced Analytics in Business Context

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