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    About This Course

    Datavalley’s AWS Certified Solutions Architect Masters Program is a comprehensive course designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. Our program is tailored to meet the demands of the industry and provide you with a strong foundation in AWS cloud computing, including designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant systems. Through hands-on training and real-world projects, you will learn how to design and deploy secure, reliable, and cost-effective applications on AWS. Our experienced professionals will guide you through the course, providing feedback and support to ensure that you are fully prepared for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam.

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect Course Syllabus
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      Explore Cloud Computing and AWS Fundamentals


      Learning Objective: Develop a comprehensive understanding of Cloud Computing and AWS, including its architecture, service and deployment models, advantages and disadvantages, and key aspects such as regions, AZs, and account creation, enabling you to confidently utilize AWS for your business needs.

      Course Content
      • Introduction to Cloud Computing
      • Overview of AWS Services
      • AWS Global Infrastructure
      • AWS Management Console
      • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
      • AWS Billing and Cost Management
      • AWS Well-Architected Framework

      Hands-on Topics

      • Creating and Configuring Your First EC2 Instance
      • Managing IAM Users, Groups, and Roles
      • Deploying a Basic Web Application on AWS
      • Exploring AWS Management Console Features
      • Utilizing AWS CLI for Service Interactions

      Linux Commands for AWS


      Learning Objective: Gain a foundational understanding of Linux and essential command-line utilities to effectively navigate the Linux file system, perform basic file operations, manage users and permissions, and utilize text editors and filters which are Essential Skills for AWS

      Course Content
      • Linux Introduction
      • Command line utilities and basic commands
      • Linux File system introduction
      • Text Editors
      • Filters and Redirections
      • Users & Groups and Permissions

      Harness the Power of Compute and Containers Services


      Learning Objective: Learn how to effectively utilize compute services and containerization in AWS.

      Course Content
      • Virtual Machines and EC2 Instances
      • Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing
      • Monitoring and Optimization of Compute Resources
      • Amazon Machine Images (AMI)
      • EC2 Migration
      • Docker and Containerization
      • Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
      • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
      • AWS Lambda and Serverless Compute

      Hands-on Topics

      • Creating and Managing Docker Containers
      • Deploying a Containerized Application on ECS or EKS
      • Implementing Auto Scaling Policies for EC2 Instances
      • Building and Deploying a Serverless Application with AWS Lambda
      • Load Testing and Performance Optimization of Compute Resources

      Optimize Storage and Database Solutions


      Learning Objective: Discover efficient storage and database solutions for your AWS infrastructure.

      Course Content
      • Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
      • Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
      • Elastic Block Store (Volume) and Instance Store
      • Encryption
      • Object Replication
      • Data Migration in S3
      • Monitoring
      • Amazon EFS
      • AWS Storage Gateway
      • Amazon FSx
      • Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
      • Amazon DynamoDB
      • Amazon Aurora
      • Amazon Redshift
      • Data Archiving and Backup Strategies
      • Amazon ElastiCache

      Hands-on Topics

      • Configuring Amazon S3 Buckets and Object Storage
      • Provisioning and Managing Amazon RDS Instances
      • Creating DynamoDB Tables and Utilizing the API
      • Implementing Data Replication and Backups
      • Optimizing Database Performance and Scalability

      Streamline Networking and Content Delivery


      Learning Objective: Learn about AWS networking services and their features, including Amazon VPC, VPC connectivity options, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Route 53, AWS Global Accelerator, Amazon API Gateway, and AWS Direct Connect. Understand how to use these services to build secure and scalable network architectures in the AWS cloud.

      Course Content
      • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
      • Subnets, Route Tables, and Security Groups
      • Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
      • Amazon CloudFront and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
      • DNS Management with Amazon Route 53
      • AWS Direct Connect and VPN Connectivity
      • AWS Global Accelerator
      • Amazon API Gateway
      • Network Security Best Practices

      Hands-on Topics

      • Creating and Configuring VPCs, Subnets, and Security Groups
      • Load Balancer Setup and Configuration
      • Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront and CDN
      • Configuring DNS with Amazon Route 53
      • Network Traffic Monitoring and Troubleshooting

      Ensure Security, Identity, and Compliance


      Learning Objective: Understand AWS security measures and compliance standards to ensure a secure environment.

      Course Content
      • AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
      • Security Groups and NACLs
      • Amazon Cognito
      • Amazon Inspector
      • AWS Trusted Advisor
      • AWS GuardDuty
      • AWS CloudHSM
      • AWS Certificate Manager
      • AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF)
      • AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
      • AWS Security Hub and AWS Config
      • Compliance Frameworks and Best Practices
      • Incident Response and Forensics

      Hands-on Topics:

      • IAM Role-Based Access Control and Permissions
      • Implementing Network Security with Security Groups and NACLs
      • Enabling AWS WAF for Web Application Protection
      • Encrypting Data with AWS KMS
      • Implementing Compliance Standards and Best Practices

      Simplify Management Tools and Migration Services


      Learning Objective: Develop proficiency in managing and optimizing AWS resources using a combination of the AWS Management Console, Command Line Interface (CLI), CloudWatch, CloudFormation, AWS Organizations, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Control Tower, AWS Data Migration Service (DMS), AWS DataSync, and cost optimization techniques.

      Course Content
      • AWS Management Console and Command Line Interface (CLI)
      • Amazon CloudWatch
      • Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation
      • AWS Organizations and Resource Groups
      • AWS Service Catalog and AWS Control Tower
      • AWS Data Migration Service (DMS)
      • Application Migration Strategies
      • AWS DataSync
      • Cost Optimization and Resource Governance

      Hands-on Topics

      • Infrastructure as Code with AWS CloudFormation
      • Managing AWS Resources with AWS CLI and SDKs
      • Automating Resource Provisioning and Configuration
      • Migrating Applications to AWS Cloud
      • Cost Optimization and Resource Governance Strategies

      Embrace PAAS, Serverless Computing and Application Integration


      Learning Objective: Acquire comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience with AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM), AWS Step Functions, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS), Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), event-driven architectures using AWS Lambda, API Gateway and integration options, Amazon SWF, and Amazon MQ to develop scalable, serverless, and event-driven applications on the AWS platform.

      Course Content
      • AWS Elastic Beanstalk
      • AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM)
      • AWS Step Functions
      • Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
      • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
      • Event-Driven Architectures with AWS Lambda
      • API Gateway and Integration Options
      • Amazon SWF
      • Amazon MQ
      • AWS Step Functions

      Hands-on Topics

      • Deploying Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
      • Creating Serverless Workflows with AWS Step Functions
      • Building Messaging Systems with SQS and SNS
      • Building Event-Driven Architectures with AWS Lambda and EventBridge
      • Integrating APIs with Amazon API Gateway

      Unlock Insights with Analytic Services


      Learning Objective: Learn about the various data processing and analytics services in AWS such as Amazon EMR, Kinesis, Athena, Glue, and OpenSearch. Discover their unique features, use cases, best practices, pricing, deployment and monitoring, and security measures to enable effective data processing, management, and analysis on the cloud.

      Course Content
      • Amazon Redshift and Data Warehousing
      • Amazon Athena and Interactive Querying
      • Amazon Kinesis and Real-time Data Streaming
      • Amazon EMR and Big Data Processing
      • AWS Glue and Data Cataloging
      • Amazon OpenSearch
      • Amazon QuickSight and Business Intelligence
      • Machine Learning with Amazon SageMaker

      Hands-on Topics

      • Creating and Managing Data Warehouses with Amazon Redshift
      • Analyzing Data with Amazon Athena and SQL Queries
      • Processing Real-time Data Streams with Amazon Kinesis
      • Building Big Data Processing Pipelines with Amazon EMR
      • Building Machine Learning Models with Amazon SageMaker

      Implement Architecture Best Practices


      Learning Objective: Learn how to design resilient systems with High Availability and Disaster Recovery, utilize AWS Auto Scaling and Elasticity with AWS Lambda to scale applications, choose the right AWS storage option, and build secure, parallel, loosely coupled, and optimized serverless applications with constraints in mind.and Linux programming.

      Course Content
      • Well-Architected Framework Pillars: Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Cost Optimization, and Operational Excellence
      • Designing Highly Available Architectures
      • Decoupling and Microservices Architecture
      • Scalability and Elasticity Strategies
      • Multi-Region and Disaster Recovery Architectures
      • Serverless Architectures and Event-Driven Designs
      • Performance Optimization Techniques

      Hands-on Topics

      • Designing Highly Available Architectures with Multi-AZ DeploymentDecoupling Microservices with Message Queues
      • Implementing Autoscaling and Load Balancing Strategies
      • Building Multi-Region Disaster Recovery Solutions
      • Implementing Serverless Architectures and Event-Driven Designs

      Discover Additional Features and Capabilities


      Learning Objective: Explore additional features and capabilities of AWS to enhance your infrastructure and applications.

      Course Content
      • AWS Marketplace and Third-Party Integrations
      • AWS IoT and Internet of Things Solutions
      • AWS AI/ML Services: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Polly, Amazon Lex, etc.
      • Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) and File Sharing
      • AWS CloudTrail and Audit Logging
      • AWS CloudWatch and Monitoring Solutions
      • AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery Options

      Hands-on Topics

      • Exploring Third-Party Solutions in AWS Marketplace
      • Setting Up AWS IoT Core and Device Provisioning
      • Implementing AI/ML Services for Image Recognition or Speech Processing
      • Configuring and Mounting Amazon EFS for File Sharing
      • Enabling AWS CloudTrail and Config for Auditing and Compliance
      Job market overview
      image 4 1

      Ready to take the next step in your career as an AWS Solutions Architect?
      With an average salary of $120,749 per year and a total estimated pay of $193,326 per year, the role is not only financially rewarding but also intellectually stimulating. As a Solutions Architect, you will be responsible for designing and implementing complex cloud-based solutions for businesses, including system architecture, security, and performance optimization.
      Our training program is designed to help you master the skills needed to become a successful AWS Solutions Architect. Our training program is designed to be interactive and collaborative, giving you the opportunity to learn from experienced AWS professionals and network with like-minded individuals.
      Now, What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards a rewarding career as an AWS Solutions Architect.
      Enroll in our training program today and start your success story with us!

      What you will learn
      By the end of this course, you should be able to design and deploy highly available and fault-tolerant systems on AWS, and be able to use AWS services to implement secure, scalable, reliable, performance optimized and cost-effective architectures.
      Course Format
      • Live classes
      • Hands-on trainings
      • Mini-projects for every module
      • Recorded sessions (available for revising)
      • Collaborative projects with team mates in real-world projects
      • Demonstrations
      • Interactive activities: including labs, quizzes, scenario walk-throughs
      What this course includes
      • 200+hrs of live classes
      • Collaborative projects
      • Slide decks, Code snippets
      • Resume preparation from the 2nd week of course commencement
      • 1:1 career/interview preparation
      • Soft skill training
      • On-call project support for up to 3 months
      • Certificate of completion
      • Free access to our exam engines

      Our students work at

      • CS/IT degree or prior IT experience is highly desired
      • Basic programming and cloud computing concepts

      Why Take Course With Us

      • Project-Ready, Not Just Job-Ready!

      By the time you complete our program, you will be ready to hit the ground running and execute projects with confidence.

      • Authentic Data For Genuine Hands-On Experience

      Our curated datasets sourced from various industries, enable you to develop skills in realistic contexts, tackling challenges in your professional journey.

      • Personalized Career Preparation

      We prepare your entire career, not just your resume. Our personalized guidance helps you excel in interviews and acquire essential expertise for your desired role.

      • Multiple Experts For Each Course

      Multiple experts teach various modules to provide you diverse understanding of the subject matter, and to benefit you with the insights and industrial experiences.

      • On-Call Project Assistance After Landing Your Dream Job

      Get up to 3 months of on-call project assistance from our experts to help you excel in your new role and tackle challenges with confidence.

      • A Vibrant and Active Community

      Get connected with a thriving community of professionals who connect and collaborate through channels like Discord. We regularly host online meet-ups and activities to foster knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.


      Who are the target audience for this masters program?

      This course is designed for students, developers, IT professionals, database administrators, freelancers and solutions architects who are interested to advance their careers in cloud computing and AWS.

      What are the prerequisites?
      • A degree in Computer Science or IT is preferred, but not required.
      • Basic programming skills and aware of cloud computing concepts.
      What is the duration of the AWS Solutions Architect masters program?

      The duration of the live training session is approximately 200+ hours, which includes hands-on labs, interactive quizzes, assessments, mini-projects, collaborative real-world capstone projects etc.

      Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

      Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

      Can I attend the live sessions if I miss a class?

      Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and made available for you to view at a later time.

      Will there be any mini-projects and assessments?

      Yes, there will be mini-projects and assessments to help you reinforce your learning and assess your understanding of the course material. Also, you will have a collaborative capstone-project that has a real-world setting.

      What tools and technologies will be covered in the course?

      The course will cover a range of tools and technologies in AWS cloud compute, networking, security, storage, database services, etc.

      Will there be opportunities for hands-on learning?

      Yes, the approach of the course in itself is based on more of hands-on training and exercises to help you apply what you learn in a real-world setting. In addition, you will also have collaborative projects as how it is done in IT world, to provide you realistic experience.

      What kind of support will I receive during the program?

      You will have access to the instructor, a lab team, and a personal learning manager who can assist you with any queries or concerns you may have throughout the course. Additionally, a dedicated customer success manager will ensure that you have a successful end-to-end journey. Support is guaranteed from day one and before.

      Can I interact with other students taking the course?

      Yes, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with other students taking the course on real-world projects, just like how it’s done in the IT industry. These collaborative projects will help you apply the concepts you learn in a practical setting and gain hands-on experience working in a team.

      What is the format of the program?

      The program includes live classes, hands-on training, mini-projects for every module, recorded sessions, collaborative projects, demonstrations, and interactive activities.

      Is the program suitable for beginners in AWS?

      Yes, the program is designed for both beginners and experienced professionals.

      Does the program provide career support?

      Yes, the program includes resume preparation from the second week of the course commencement, 1:1 career/interview preparation, and soft skill training.

      What is the level of difficulty of the program?

      The program covers a wide range of topics, from beginner to advanced level, and is suitable for learners with different levels of experience. Never worry of your success journey with us, as long as you give your consistent effort. At Datavalley, we create high-performing data experts.

      Can the program help me prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam?

      Yes, the program helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification exam, as it covers the essential topics required for the certification. Also, we give you access to our exam engines to check your expertise before taking the actual certification exam.

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