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    About This Course

    Master the skills needed to excel in the field of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics with our comprehensive training program. You will gain an in-depth understanding of the latest tools and techniques used in the industry, and learn how to use them to extract valuable insights from data. In this program, you will:
    • Gain a solid understanding of Microsoft SQL Server and databases, including how to design, develop, and maintain them
    • Learn the fundamentals of Power BI, Microsoft’s powerful business analytics service, and how to create stunning reports and visualizations
    • Discover how to build relationships between data sources and group data for better insights
    • Learn how to organize and select data in Power BI, and how to transform and clean data with Power Query
    • Master advanced Power BI techniques, such as using bookmarks, integrating with Azure, and data modeling
    • Customize your visualizations in Power BI to suit your needs and the needs of your audience
    • Learn advanced data transformation techniques with Power Query, and how to optimize data models for better performance
    • Master DAX formulas and functions for data analysis in Power BI, including advanced DAX techniques and data modeling with DAX
    • Learn how to collaborate and share data in the cloud with Power BI Cloud Service, and how to integrate Excel data and manage row-level security
    • Discover how to build customized business solutions with Power BI and PowerApps, and how to develop reports with Power BI Report Server and RDL
    • Learn how to build real-time projects and gain hands-on experience with the tools and techniques used in the industry
    By the end of the course, you will have a solid understanding of the tools and techniques used in Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, and be well-prepared to pursue a career in this exciting field.
    Business Intelligence Course Syllabus
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      Course Introduction and Overview


      Learning objective: Develop a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence concepts and methodologies, with a focus on Power BI as a powerful data visualization and analysis tool. Gain hands-on experience in leveraging Power BI to transform raw data into meaningful insights, enabling informed decision-making and driving business performance.

      Course Content
      • Introduction to Course
      • Introduction to Business Intelligence
      • Power BI Introduction
      • Power BI Job Roles:
        • Business Analyst – Job Roles
        • Power BI Data Analyst Job Roles
        • Power BI Developer – Job Roles
        • Power BI Job Roles in Real-time
        • Power BI Certification:
          • MCSA 70-778
          • MCSA 70-779 Exam
          • Power BI for Data Scientists

      Laying Bricks for Foundations On SQL Server and Business Intelligence


      Learning objective: Acquire a solid foundation in Microsoft SQL Server and database management, including data modeling, querying, and administration. Develop practical skills in designing and implementing efficient databases, optimizing query performance, and ensuring data integrity and security within a Microsoft SQL Server environment.

      Course Content
      • Introduction to SQL Server and configuration
      • Mastering SQL Fundamentals
      • Business Intelligence Foundations:
        • Explore BI and Data Science components
        • Understand ETL, MSBI, and Power BI
        • Design a course plan, concepts, and resume
        • Develop a project and access online labs for remote DB access

      Building Knowledge on Power BI Foundations


      Learning objective: Develop a solid understanding of Power BI, including its key concepts and features, enabling you to confidently navigate the Power BI interface and perform basic tasks such as creating visualizations and dashboards. Acquire essential skills in data preparation and modeling within Power BI, empowering you to efficiently import, clean, transform, and structure data for effective reporting, analysis, and visualization in Power BI.

      Course Content
      Understanding the Concepts of Power BI:
      • Understanding the Power BI Tools
      • Power BI Dev & Prod Environments
      • Power BI Licensing Plans – Types
      • Installing Power BI & Connecting to Data
      • Data Sources Types in Power BI
      • The “Locale” used in the curriculum
      • Comparing MSBI, Tableau and Power BI
      Data Preparation and Modeling:
      • Working with the Query Editor
      • Working with the Data Model and Creating a Visualization
      • Power BI Training: Lab Plan
      Power BI Reporting:
      • Types of Reports in Real-World
      • Interactive & Paginated Reports
      • Analytical & Mobile Reports

      Extending the Knowledge Boundaries on Power BI


      Learning objective: The learning objective of this course is to enable participants to effectively utilize Visual Relationships and Grouping as well as Data Organization and Selection techniques in Power BI to create meaningful visualizations and insights from their data. By the end of this course, participants will be proficient in applying Visual Relationships and Grouping, as well as Data Organization and Selection features in Power BI, empowering them to efficiently analyze and present data in a visually appealing and informative manner.

      Course Content
      Visual Relationships and Grouping
      • Introduction to Slicers
      • Customizing Slicers
      • Advanced Slicer Techniques
      • Binning and Grouping Data
      Data Organization and Selection in Power BI
      • Introduction to Filters
      • Creating and Customizing Filters
      • Working with Drill-Downs
      • Using Drill-Through Filters
      • Advanced Filter Techniques
      Advanced Power BI Techniques
      • Data Import and Querying
      • Data Modeling in Power BI
      • Drill-Through Filters and Page Navigation
      • Using Bookmarks in Power BI
      • Azure Database Access and Deployment
      • Web and Mobile View in Power BI
      Customizing Visualizations in Power BI
      • Mastering Data Visualization Techniques for Effective Communication
      • Enhancing Data Visualization with Advanced Charting Techniques

      Data Transformation Using Power Query in Power BI


      Learning objective: By the end of this course on Power Query in Power BI, participants will be able to effectively import, transform, and clean diverse data sources using Power Query, enabling them to create robust and accurate data models for analysis and visualization. This course aims to equip learners with the skills to leverage Power Query in Power BI, enabling them to efficiently merge, shape, and manipulate data from various sources, ensuring data integrity and enabling insightful reporting and decision-making.

      Course Content
      Power Query Foundations
      • Mastering Power Query Fundamentals for Efficient Data Transformations
      • Exploring Advanced Power Query Techniques for Complex ETL Operations
      Advanced Data Transformation with Power Query in Power BI
      • Data Cleaning with Power Query
      • Advanced Data Transformations with Power Query
      • PIVOT and UNPIVOT Transformations
      • Date and Time Transformations
      • Query Steps and Inserts
      Optimizing Data Models with Advanced Power Query Techniques
      • Creating & Using Parameters in Queries
      • Amazon Athena
      • List Queries
      • Query Operations
      • Advanced Parameter Operations

      Exploring Dax Functions for Power BI Data Analysis


      Learning objective: Develop proficiency in utilizing Power BI Cloud Service to create and share interactive and visually compelling business intelligence dashboards. Gain practical skills in leveraging Power BI Cloud Service’s advanced features and functionalities to analyze data, generate insights, and make data-driven decisions for organizational growth and success.

      Course Content
      Introduction to DAX Functions
      • DAX Fundamentals and Syntax Rules
      • Using Measures and Columns with DAX
      Advanced DAX Formulas and Techniques for Power BI
      • Data Modeling in DAX
      • CALCULATE Function and Its Uses
      • Entity Sets and Slicing in DAX
      • DAX Functions for Data Manipulation
      Advanced DAX Functions for Advanced Data Modeling in Power BI
      • Connecting to Data Sources
      • DAX Basics and Aggregation Functions
      • Advanced DAX Functions
      • Conditional Statements in DAX
      • Time Intelligence Functions in DAX

      Unveiling the Power BI Cloud Service


      Learning objective: In this training, participants will develop a solid understanding of cloud computing concepts, principles, and best practices. They will learn about different cloud deployment models, service models, and key benefits of cloud computing. The objective is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and effectively utilize cloud resources in their organizations.

      Course Content
      Introduction to Power BI Cloud Service
      • Power BI Service Architecture and Components
      • Creating and Managing Reports in the Cloud
      • Enhancing Dashboards with Live Page Interaction and Media
      Collaborating and Sharing Data in Power BI Cloud
      • Power BI Dashboard and Report Actions
      • Sharing and Exporting in Power BI
      • Power BI Gateway Configuration and Data Refresh
      • Dataflow, Power Query Expressions, and JSON Files

      Integrating the Power BI with Excel


      Learning objective: By the end of this course, participants will be able to seamlessly integrate Power BI and Excel to leverage the strengths of both tools, enabling efficient data analysis, visualization, and reporting. This course aims to equip learners with the skills to establish dynamic connections between Power BI and Excel, enabling them to create interactive dashboards and gain valuable insights from their data, thus enhancing decision-making capabilities.

      Course Content
      Integrating Power BI with Excel for Advanced Data Analysis
      • Uploading and Sharing Excel Data in Power BI
      • Excel Data Analysis in Power BI
      • Sharing Excel Dashboards in Power BI
      Managing Row-Level Security(RLS) in Power BI
      • Excel Data Management
      • Advanced Excel Features in Power BI
      • Power BI Data Modelling and Security
      • Custom Visualizations in Power BI

      Power BI Report Server and RDL Report Development


      Learning objective: Develop a comprehensive understanding of Power BI report server and RDL report development to effectively design and deploy interactive and visually appealing reports. Acquire the skills necessary to create and optimize Power BI reports and RDL reports, enabling efficient data analysis and informed decision-making within organizations.

      Course Content
      Creating Effective Reports in Power BI
      • Design effective PBIX reports
      • Customize visualizations with custom properties
      • Leverage analytics tools for in-depth analysis
      • Implement formatting best practices for professional reports
      Concepts of Report Server
      • Setting up Report Server and Report Services
      • Building Reports with Power BI
      • Deploying Reports and Working with Data Sources
      • Advanced Reporting Techniques and Mobile Reports

      Mastering Advanced Concepts of Power BI


      Learning objective: Develop proficiency in leveraging Power BI Cloud and Mobile Reporting to effectively analyze and present data, enabling informed decision-making and real-time insights. Acquire the skills to build customized business solutions using Power BI and PowerApps, integrating data sources and creating interactive dashboards and applications for enhanced productivity and collaboration. Gain expertise in advanced data modeling techniques within Power BI to design efficient and robust data models, enabling comprehensive analysis, complex calculations, and interactive visualizations

      Course Content
      Building Customized Business Solutions with PowerBI & PowerApps
      • Introduction to Power Apps
      • Canvas Apps in Power Apps
      • Triggers, Functions, and Formulas in Power Apps
      Power BI Cloud and Mobile Reporting
      • Getting Started with Power BI Service
      • Importing and Managing Data
      • Working with Reports and Dashboards
      • Gateways and Data Management
      • Sharing and Publishing Power BI Content
      Mastering Advanced Data Modelling in Power BI
      • Design effective data models in Power BI
      • Master Power Query for data transformation with tips and tricks
      • Connect to Azure DB and use dynamic connections in Power BI
      • Create dynamic reports with parameters in Power BI
      • Write advanced M language scripts for Power Query.
      Mastering Advanced Power BI Techniques for Data Analytics
      • Maximizing Insights with DAX: Mastering Data Analysis Techniques
      • Power Up Your BI: Deploying Effectively on Cloud & Report Server
      • Solve Project Issues Like a Pro: Expert Tips, FAQs & Solutions
      Job market overview
      image 5

      Ready to become a BI Developer? With an average salary of $91,153 per year, this role is financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating. As a BI Developer, you will be responsible for designing and developing data models, building reports and dashboards to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

      Now, What are you waiting for? Our training program is designed to help you master the skills needed to become a successful BI Developer. Enroll in our training program today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in Business Intelligence. Start your success story with us!

      What you will learn

      The objective of a Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Masters Program is to equip learners with the necessary skills to gather, analyze, and interpret complex data, and communicate insights to stakeholders effectively. Upon completion of the program, learners will have a strong foundation in data analysis, data visualization, and reporting, and be proficient in using various business intelligence tools and technologies. Specifically, learners can expect to learn:

      Overall, learners will gain expertise in the use of business intelligence and advanced analytics tools and technologies, and be able to leverage data to make informed business decisions.

      Course Format
      • Live classes
      • Hands-on trainings
      • Mini-projects for every module
      • Recorded sessions (available for revising)
      • Collaborative projects with team mates in real-world projects
      • Demonstrations
      • Interactive activities: including labs, quizzes, scenario walk-throughs
      What this course includes
      • 180+hrs of live classes
      • Collaborative projects
      • Slide decks, Code snippets
      • Resume preparation from the 2nd week of course commencement
      • 1:1 career/interview preparation
      • Soft skill training
      • On-call project support for up to 3 months
      • Certificate of completion
      • Unlimited free access to our exam engines

      Our students work at

      • Basic programming knowledge in SQL, Python, or Java
      • Working knowledge with Excel
      • Basics of statistics/mathematics

      Why Take Course With Us

      • Project-Ready, Not Just Job-Ready!

      By the time you complete our program, you will be ready to hit the ground running and execute projects with confidence.

      • Authentic Data For Genuine Hands-On Experience

      Our curated datasets sourced from various industries, enable you to develop skills in realistic contexts, tackling challenges in your professional journey.

      • Personalized Career Preparation

      We prepare your entire career, not just your resume. Our personalized guidance helps you excel in interviews and acquire essential expertise for your desired role.

      • Multiple Experts For Each Course

      Multiple experts teach various modules to provide you diverse understanding of the subject matter, and to benefit you with the insights and industrial experiences.

      • On-Call Project Assistance After Landing Your Dream Job

      Get up to 3 months of on-call project assistance from our experts to help you excel in your new role and tackle challenges with confidence.

      • A Vibrant and Active Community

      Get connected with a thriving community of professionals who connect and collaborate through channels like Discord. We regularly host online meet-ups and activities to foster knowledge sharing and networking opportunities.


      What is Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics?

      Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the technologies, applications, and practices used to collect, integrate, analyze, and present business information. Advanced Analytics refers to the use of statistical, mathematical, and machine learning techniques to extract insights from data. This program covers both BI and Advanced Analytics topics.

      What are the prerequisites for this program?

      You should have basic knowledge of statistics, mathematics, and programming. Experience in using Microsoft Excel, SQL, and data visualization tools like Power BI/Tableau is highly desired.

      What kind of jobs can I get after completing this program?

      This program prepares you for a variety of roles in the fields of business intelligence, data analysis, and data science. Some of the job titles that you can pursue after completing this program include Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer, Data Engineer, and more.

      What are the benefits of learning Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics?

      Learning Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics can help you gain insights from data and make data-driven decisions that can improve business outcomes. This skillset is in high demand in today’s job market, and learning it can open up new career opportunities for you.

      How is this program delivered?

      This program is delivered entirely online, through a combination of live-sessions, quizzes, assignments, and projects.

      Tools Covered

      Course Completion Certification

      Power Bi Sample Certificate

      Foundation Level

      Session 100:00
      Session 200:00
      Assignment -1
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      Session 800:00
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      Session 1000:00
      Session 1100:00
      Session 1200:00
      Assignments 4
      Session 1300:00
      Session 1400:00
      Power BI project
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